Hungry for Learning? Sample Oxford’s Summer Banquet

Oxford’s Summer Banquet

But it was the venerable University itself  – the ancient quads and gardens, the porters at the gate, the seven-ton Great Tom Bell tolling its 11:05 goodnights (Oxford time used to be five minutes later than Greenwich Mean Time and perhaps still is),  the oak-panelled rooms, the plaques that identified some of the greatest minds of the past and the unpretentious wisdom and talent of today’s teachers – that won our hearts.

The Oxford Experience at Christ Church, 1 July to 11 August next year, offers 60 one-week courses ranging through archaeology, art and music, literature, folklore, history, politics and sciences.   We would stay the entire five weeks if we could.  Details:  The cost per week for tuition, room and board is £1,135  – about C$1,820, plus trans-Atlantic airfare and transfer to Oxford.  Direct bus service Heathrow to Oxford return is £20 (C$32), half price for seniors.  (  Registration for 2012 is now open.   Hurry!

Ed’s note:  Renowned Cambridge University also offers summer courses, though the choice is not as extensive as Oxford’s.  Again participants stay in historic colleges and enjoy a wide range of social activities.  One of their new courses, which may appeal especially to keen travellers, is the Silk Route (26 August – 1 September), a Summer School offering that will be housed at 16th century Madingley Hall, an elegant county house set in delightful gardens and grounds of about seven acres.  The course focuses on the artistic, architectural and economic exchange afforded by this ancient trade route between Europe and the Far East. For information on this and other summer courses visit  Happy learning!

The sprawling Oxford campus presents an endless supply of photo ops.Oxford“Welcome”Newly renovated and expanded, the Ashmolean Museum  is walking distance from the University.The Ashmolean museum displays ancient instruments  and insights into their construction. Some of Oxford’s famous spires