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Travel planning is our passion.
It's our expertise. It's what we do best.  

We Create Custom Vacations

For experienced travelers going beyond the mass market:

Cruise Adventures

Small ships, remote destinations, incredible scenery and wildlife - and not one casino on board.


Want to see the gorillas in Uganda? Or go on an orangutan expedition in Sumatra? Or see India's majestic tigers? We have a trip for you!

Culinary Trips

Food, wine, market visits, cooking classes, we love everything to do with eating and drinking.

Active Trips

No matter your activity level. We can create or access everything from light to heavy activity levels!

Wellness Holidays

Be pampered, relax, rejuvenate, be healthy! We can help.

We Would Love to Help You.

Whether you're solo, with a partner - or a group of your closest friends - we'll create the perfect trip!

Traveling Solo?

If you'd like, we can find you a "willing to share" program. Or if you'd prefer private options, we can find those, too. Either way, we’ll get you on the perfect trip.!

Two or More?

Whether it's a trip with one friend or several, or a special holiday with someone you love, we can plan everything from an adventure honeymoon to a luxurious escape.

Going with a Group?

We provide a wide variety of support to our groups: from custom-made landing pages and marketing materials to online sign-up forms and slideshow presentations.

Where Do You Want To Go?

We plan trips pretty much everywhere: from the Arctic to Antarctica,, and all points in between.

This is only a sample. If the destination you’re interested in doesn’t appear here, please ask!

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