An Easter Reminder

An Easter Reminderby Ann Wallace

Some of you may remember my story of a spring visit to Guatemala, which was published in the October 2003 edition of this magazine.  My account focused on the charming colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also site of a unique Easter celebration.  You can find my story in our on-line archives, but I thought I would take a little space in this edition, and following Heinz Jaeger’s account, to remind you of this event and to share a few photos … this time in colour, which I was unable to do before.

My story explains that every Good Friday the streets of Antigua are decorated with carpets of flowers called alfombras, laid to honour the Good Friday procession of massive floats bearing statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary.  There are so many flower carpets that it’s hard to see them all and your camera will have the work-out of its life!

Your camera will also be hard at work photographing the locals with their wonderful costumes.  In all my travels I have never taken so many photographs on one trip … and that was in the days before digital photography!  As Heinz mentions (and as he enjoyed in the Museo Ixchel) this country is famous for its textiles and weaving and the people are gloriously dressed all over the country.

Good Friday falls on 22 April in 2011 … it’s a wonderful time to be in Guatemala and in Antigua especially.  Try to be there!  Here are some photos to tempt you.