In-flight entertainment: a quick comparison

What do you like to do while you’re up in the air (keep it clean, please!) It’s no surprise to most frequent travellers that airlines offer vastly different in-flight entertainment experiences. There’s the classic movie that the entire plane can enjoy (or suffer through), or a movie/TV show you can personally choose on the screen in-front of you, or even a stand-up comic. Airlines are constantly trying to think of ways to outrank each other and now in-flight entertainment is a big thing.

Here are some examples of airlines doing in-flight entertainment right:

Singapore Airlines has a system that allows you to choose from a variety of top movies, TV shows, radio stations, audiobooks, games, music and even allows you to connect your own iPod, iPad or iPhone— amazing!

virginVirgin America has a great in-flight system. Touch screens on the back of seats that even features a seat-to-seat chat system that allows you to message family and friends directly— cool! Along with that, there is in-flight Wi-Fi, satellite TV, a selection of movies, music, games, Google Maps and even power outlets in every seat! The biggest selling point is the ability to order food or drinks from your touch screen whenever you want.

Now, in addition to the in-flight entertainment mentioned above, word is that Apple (iPod / iPhone / iPad) users will now have access to more than 150 movies and  200 TV shows for free when flying on United Airlines. There will be an app launching in April that will allow for in-flight movie servicein-flight-entertainment-is-about-to-go-high-tech-and-hands-free. As of now, the app is reportedly only being offered to Apple devices and there is no word of an Android app.

What do you think about these examples of advanced in-flight entertainment? Have you experienced better or worse? Share your thoughts with us!