Editor’s Letter – November 2012

So here we are, six weeks in. I think I’ve figured out how to work all of the printers, scanners and computers now. I’ve found most of the files, and I think things are generally moving in a good direction.

Once again, I’m so happy to have heard your feedback and comments on the last issue, and at the suggestion of one of our members, I’ve decided to offer a text-only version of the magazine for those of you who want it. If you would like to get a black and white version without any images, just drop me a line and I’ll send it to you personally. I’d like to get a sense of how many people want just the text, before integrating something new into the site.

Whether you’re after the full version or text-only, I’m excited about this issue. We have another great contribution from Maria Wu – whose article on St. Augustine, Florida gives us a whole new perspective on the state; it’s not a destination one usually thinks of for history, but Maria has proven us wrong.

Regular contributors Heinz and Inge Jaeger recently visited and submitted an article about Colombia – this country has diligently been trying to increase their tourism in recent years, and as our authors describe, it is now much safer and more inviting than ever before.

Now to our cover story: Denise Bridge and Shirley Vaughan visited Paris earlier this year and shared their experiences with us- Paris is lovely at any time, but it’s especially beautiful in the springtime. And well worth a repeat visit.

From Stowe, Vermont all the way to Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains, this has been a busy month for the travel industry, and the Travel Digest reflects that!

Finally, you might notice that there are a few pages missing from the back of the magazine this month. The tours offered previously by The Travel Society are still available (or at least, similar trips will be) but I am working on a whole new array of exclusive tours for you, and hope to launch them in the December issue. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or requests, I have some great ideas already but always love to hear from members.

I hope you enjoy this month’s magazine, and as always, please keep submitting your stories – you will earn a membership extension and have the lovely opportunity to have your article read by members throughout the country.