Germany evacuates tourists from Egypt

Don Mammoser /
Don Mammoser /

Late last month, Germany evacuated their tourists out of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and labelled Egypt a “no-go” country.

These security concerns arose from the fatal bombings of a tourist bus last month, which left the German branch of TUI feeling unsettled. Other companies are sending home hundreds of German tourists after the government issued a severe warning. German tourists are one of Egypt’s biggest sources of tourism income. Although Germany has reacted to strongly, the UK does not feel the same and issues no warning of travel, nor has Canada.

German travellers will be able to claim a refund for travel costs of time lost; however, British travellers will not be able to claim anything.

Egypt suffered it’s worst September ever last year in terms of visits from international tourists, with a 90 per cent drop in numbers from the following year. Now Egypt is urging Germany to ease the advice to stop travel to the entire Sinai peninsula. “The latest crisis that we are in today is the negative travel advisory by the German government,” Egypt’s Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou told Reuters in an interview at the ITB travel fair in Berlin on Wednesday.

The managing director of Germany’s fourth-largest tour operator, Alltours, quoted, “It was a little odd that as we were bringing our guests out, the British were sending their guests in but when it comes to the safety of our guests we follow the advice of the foreign office.”

Due to the seriousness of the issue in Egypt, why has Germany acted so strongly and other countries have either no reaction (or very little)? What determines the severity of a counties reaction? Tell us your concerns about the situation. Do you think Germany acted too strongly? Comment below!