Our Travel Planning Process

Phase I


A short chat or email exchange to understand who you are, what you'd like to do and how we can help.

Who are you?

Are you a birdwatcher? An avid cyclist? A foodie? An architecture buff? Or do you just love wandering around a new place and soaking it all in?

What would you like to do?

Do you want to marvel at the Taj Mahal? Drink wine on the Seine? Come face to face with an emperor penguin? Or take a cooking class in Korea?

When can you go?

Do you have to get time off work? Or are you more flexible? Do you have dates in mind?

Why are you going?

Is this a special occasion? Are you excited to see a new destination? Or are you getting to know your family history?

How do you want to go?

Are you an upscale adventurer? Or more mid-range? Are you business-class-only? Or is going off the beaten path your preference?

Phase II


The process of liaising with our suppliers and creating an itinerary for you usually takes a few business days.

Putting it all together

Using the information you've given us above, we develop a rough itinerary that will suit your interests, timing and budget.

Liaising with suppliers

Working closely with our local contacts, we obtain pricing and details and ensure availability. Most of the time our suppliers include a commission, but if we have to add a service fee we'll let you know.

Creating the plan

We assemble the pieces from our suppliers, organize the logistics and details, check that everything is correct and put it into an easy to follow itinerary for you.

Phase III


Once the plan is complete and confirmed by you, we send payment links and provide invoices immediately.

Presentation and feedback

We present the itinerary we've created for you and incorporate your feedback until you're happy!

Reserve your spot

Once your itinerary is final, we need to put down a deposit to hold your space.

Invoices and extras

Once your space is being held, we can confirm any special reservations and book elements such as insurance and airfare.

Phase IV


This is it! You're ready. Once you're paid and confirmed it's all about anticipation!

Final payment

Once final payment is received, your vouchers and documents will be processed - usually 45 days prior to departure.

Organizing your documents

Your documents, including e-tickets, invoices, itineraries and any instructions you'll need for your trip will be uploaded to your secure client portal for download or viewing.

The countdown is on...

You have all of your documents and emergency contact information. Everything is ready to go. Do you have questions? We're here for you the whole time!


We're here for you!

We are easy to reach if you have questions while you're away - and in the case of an emergency, you'll have local staff available and special phone numbers to use. We care as much about your vacation as you do!

Phase V


We'll give you a little while to get over your jet lag - but we'd love to hear from you!

We want your feedback

Tell us how it went! Hearing from our clients is the best way for us to grow and improve. We ensure that any feedback we receive is given consideration and action will be taken as appropriate.