Philadelphia, City of the Arts

Rodin’s The Thinker – Photo by R. Kennedy for GPTMC

This city is surprising – both in the breadth and depth of things to see and do, but also for the art. Many of us immediately think New York when we’re pondering the lifestyle of an up and coming artist, but it seems we should be thinking Philadelphia. With a much more affordable cost of living than NYC, Philly is experiencing an artistic boom. Certainly, this is the message we received at a recent media breakfast –  and it’s not just the controversial new  Barnes Museum and the recently overhauled Rodin Museum. Philadelphia is home to the most public art out of any city in the US, and they’re thinking of adding a 1% levy on new developments to go towards the cause. The artistic boom extends into the city in many ways – from famously decorated food trucks to the not-so-famous pastime of “yarn bombing”, where random knitting projects meet public spaces. So, whether you’re a fan of Rodin, like our very own Denise Bridge, or you’re interested in seeing the city’s many galleries, wonderful restaurants, or other artistic pursuits, Philadelphia would LOVE to see you. Head to for more information