Dog sledding on Mirror Lake, Lake Placid

The Adirondacks … An All-Season Playground

story and photos by Ann Wallace The year was 1980, and two little words were on the lips of millions of sports lovers around the world – Lake Placid.  Many of those fans outside the United States would probably have been hard pressed to put a finger on Lake Placid on a map, but a … Read more

And from the same region …

We’d like to make a further note on Gilberto Gonzalez Lopez, our guide on earlier trips (also reported in TTS, September 2011).  Gilbert thanks TTS for mentioning him and reports he has been busy this year.  A group of Canadians we know recently used Gilberto for a four-day excursion to see the Monarch butterflies and … Read more

Making More Mexican Memories

We’ve just returned from a four day road trip from Puerto Vallarta with a group of friends, sharing with them our former trip to Barranca del Oro, Los Guachimontones (round step pyramids), and the Peidras Bola (round boulders) described in earlier articles in TTS. Our first stop at El Manto just past Barranca de Oro, … Read more

Gallery Watch – January 2012

As we look ahead to the coming year, I’d like to think we will all visit a Canadian destination that is new to us at some time in the next twelve months.  Perhaps we could make a collective resolution to do so … and share our tips? If air travel is involved, even if we … Read more


On Safari in Kenya

story and photos by Barbara Bagnell The jacaranda trees were dropping their purple blossoms when we arrived in Nairobi on a dark night in late October.  The occasional rains of spring had begun and the land was greening.   Our quartet of women, long fellow travellers, had planned this arrival, this safari, long before. “Let’s … Read more

Here’s to a Safe and Healthy 2012 !

Avoid travel scams! “Is that you Granny?” “Let me take your photo!” “Ooops – sorry!” “Hey, you dropped your wallet!” “My brother owns a jewellery store.” “This is my cousin.” Over the past few months, I’ve been collecting some notes on travel scams – covering both travellers and those left at home – with a … Read more

The Rincon de la Vieja

Paul and Jeanne are Canadians who own that ‘treehouse’ in Costa Rice that we’ve mentioned in these pages several times over the years.  You can read all about it at  They are also very generous with sharing other tips on Costa Rica, the latest of which is this.  So if Costa Rica is in … Read more

For ‘Luxury’ Getaways in the States

I wanted a special treat to share with a friend who had never been to New York before.  But ‘special’ in New York can be very expensive.  Lamenting this fact to a group of friends, one asked me if I’d heard of Magellan Vacations … a hotel booking site for luxurious properties that guarantees the … Read more

Airline News – October 2010

Porter Airlines and South African Airways (SAA) have launched a new interline agreement that will open up connection opportunities for passengers travelling between Canada and West and Southern Africa through Porter’s Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport hub and SAA’s Johannesburg, South Africa hub, via Washington, DC (Dulles). The agreement took effect 17 September with tickets … Read more