Hotels within hotels— a new trend

There’s a new trend emerging with hotels around the world— hotels within hotels. With airlines introducing substantially improved business-class and first-class services (including private chauffeur driven SUVs to connecting flights) and hotels creating luxury mini-hotels within their existing hotels, catering to the elite is becoming a new travel trend. Melia Hotels has just announced the … Read more

Plant Milkweed to save the Monarch Butterfly!

Monarch caterpillars need to eat milkweed to survive – and, since the monarch butterfly develops from the monarch caterpillar, they also need milkweed! Milkweed is an herbaceous, tall perennial that got its name for its milky sap that contains latex, alkaloids and other compounds. You’ve probably seen it if you live in Ontario – and … Read more

Travel Digest – September 2012

BHUTAN Ahh … who doesn’t dream of visiting magical Bhutan? Fuel your dreams even more by visiting and learning more about the Aman Resort group’s lodges situated across five valleys in the Kingdom. CHILE – EASTER ISLAND It is unlikely that, hitherto, anyone setting off to explore unique Easter Island would expect to find … Read more

Two Invitations

Here at TTS we are in the process of planning more small group tours for our members and we invite your interest and feed-back on two ideas.  Here they are: Israel I hope you recall the accounts of my first trip to Israel  in 2009.  I don’t quite know what I expected, but I was … Read more