Golden Age Backpackers in Mongolia

story and photos by Doreen and John Berg Mongolia, the soul of central Asia.   It’s a country of uniqueness, both in people and in countryside.  It’s bitterly cold in the winter and much of the country is desert, yet it may catch your soul …  most certainly did with us. Here is our story. We … Read more

On the Great Wall of China

On the Trans-Siberian-Mongolian Railway – One of the World’s Great Train Journeys!

story  and  photos  by  John  and  Doreen  Berg A dream and a desire led to a discussion and soon the discussion turned to a decision.  And the decision was to undertake the legendary Trans-Siberian-Mongolian train journey from St. Petersburg to Beijing    This dream trip enabled us to traverse the vast, mysterious Eurasian land mass … Read more