Elly MacDonald

  Elly MacDonald Yoga Teacher and Polar Adventurer Elly is one of Toronto’s favourite yoga teachers for a reason. Her calm demeanour, integral strength and extensive knowledge make her an excellent leader. She loves to explore (teaching yoga in Antarctica for part of the year) and is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Her practice focuses on a … Read more

New Zealand Follow-Up

story and photos by Peter Hicklenton and Joyce Kublin New Zealand is not one of the world’s ‘vast’ countries, but there are a surprising number of regions, remote from the beaten tourist path, that are well-worth a visit. For many, the NZ experience stops at Queenstown, the South Island Mecca for adventure travel, within easy … Read more

Gardens at tranquility Lodge

This and That – May 2011

BELIZE Two ideas for this diverse country …  Bird watchers looking to discover Belize’s diverse bird species are invited to Tranquility Lodge, which has just opened a new trail along Jacinto Creek in the pristine rainforest of the Toledo District.  Visitors exploring the trail can spot rare birds such as the Keel-Billed Toucan and Slaty-Tailed … Read more

WWoofing (and chasing the opera) in New Zealand

WWoof stands for “Willing Workers on Organic Farms”.  This is part of a world-wide community that promotes awareness of ecological farming practices by providing volunteers, known as wwoofers, with the opportunity to get to know the local people, enjoy a hands-on learning experience and enjoy a safe way to explore the country.  Hosts enjoy sharing … Read more