Stargazing while on a tiny vacation in France

ExteriorArticle by Helen Hewetson – Perhaps it was my stay in a Hobbit House last summer, or our recent member recommendation for Yotel or even the “Tiny House” movement that’s so popular now, but this month I’ve found the idea of a cozy little holiday spot quite appealing. So, when I came upon the positively TINY Carré d’étoiles cabins thanks to a link from Tiny House Design, I decided it was worth investigating further.

Everyone loves a luxurious hotel with gloriously high thread count sheets, creamy soap and fluffy towels, but sometimes it’s nice to get outside of the city and get some fresh air, visit some wineries and villages, explore the countryside on your own and get away from the crowds. And that’s where these modern pre-fab little cabins come in to play.

Exterior with patio furnitureEven though one estimate puts them at a mere 10ft³, they have enough beds and bedding for four people, a well-equipped kitchenette, three-piece bath – and thanks to a foldout couch and a creative design, there’s Diningeven enough room to sit and relax at a kitchen table and benches.

Like most vacation homes, they come equipped with fresh linens and soft towels, toiletries and your choice of à la carte services (breakfast, cleaning, etc.) but there’s a twist!

In addition to all the regular offerings, Carré d’étoiles have nice features to help you enjoy your holiday – each of the cabins has a large skylight and comes with “the latest” refracting telescope – and for those of us who are not closet astronomers – a star chart (though no guarantees it will be en Anglais!)Kitchenette

The cabins also have flat screens TV’s, Mp3 / telephone / internet sockets, effective blackout curtains, and electric heat in case it gets chilly. There are 14 locations on offer – mostly in national parks around France. The on-site amenities differ by location but include things like bicycle rental, fitness centre with sauna and hammam, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, children’s play area, and organized hikes.

Full disclosure: I haven’t stayed in these cabins – I just came across the link and found the idea compelling. Neither I nor The Travel Society have any relationship whatsoever with the company – short of requesting photographs for this article. After a short search, it appears that only one of the properties has plentiful reviews online and it seems that if people knew ahead of time what the placeLiving space would be like, they enjoyed it. It would, admittedly, be a surprise if you were expecting something else.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get to the heart of France on your holidays – or if you’d like to buy a really neat pre-fab cabin (!) it might be worth investigating further. Have a look online: Although a warning: the website is possibly one of the most irritating I have ever come across. Bonne chance!