Tommy Simonsen

Photography Guide +
Ambassador for Fujifilm Nordic

An experienced professional photographer and avid outdoorsman, Tommy Simonsen started his career in 1990, when he first took cameras out in the field. Since 1998 he has focused on travel and documentary / landscape photography.

Tommy’s long and extraordinary career has included working over a decade as a professional photographer for Norway’s largest publishing company (giving him local knowledge of Norway’s exciting northern regions, but also Greenland, Iceland and Antarctica.

In 1999 he was sent to the Svalbard archipelago to take pictures for his first time, a mission that turned out to be a real turning point in his career: he fell totally in love with the beautiful and dramatic scenery on the last outpost in the north.

This was the first of many journeys to Svalbard – and over the next 7 years Tommy’s passion for this part of the world resulted in a completed book, plus a year spent as a husky handler and guide for a local dog sledding company. By 2008, Tommy found himself spending 6 months a year in Svalbard as a full time photography guide and leader for a specialized intensive photography course.

This last role also gave him the opportunity to travel the world on field expeditions, including Central America, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Patagonia, Antarctica, Kenya, Uganda, Laos, Vietnam, Madagascar, Indonesia and Singapore.

In 2015, Tommy launched his own company, Kvitebjørn Foto (White Bear Photography) guiding international workshops in Northern Norway and spending as much time as possible in Svalbard.
From 2016, Tommy has been an Official Ambassador for Fujifilm Nordic, testing their kit to the max in harsh conditions and doing lectures for Fujifilm.

Tommy accompanies our Svalbard Photography Expedition trip. Please ask if you would like to learn more.