Mmmmm… airline food! Tell us about your experiences.

Airlines have been going head to head recently, especially since airfares are pretty consistent across the board.Kingfisher flight 2008 - veg option Because of this, the airlines are trying to compete in other ways— food.

For example, Virgin America recently announced a new menu for first-class fliers which includes hors d’oeuvres of roasted tomato, marinated artichoke heart, olive oil and mozzarella on a skewer served with warm mixed nuts. United Airlines also released a menu with gluten-free dishes including salads, snack boxes and fruit & nut bars. Delta Airlines also introduced several low-calorie wraps for their customers to enjoy. Such competition!

Kingfisher flight 2008Our favourite airline food has been found in Asia – and some of the best experiences were in India. Jet Airways’ delicious curry and although it was a few years ago now, the full meals served on Kingfisher Air come to mind. The pictures you see here are from two separate flights, both under two hours long! They were amazing, delicious and filling, and it was an incredible process to watch: the moment the seatbelt signs were turned off, the flight attendants practically raced to deliver these full meals to every passenger. And it wasn’t even traditional mealtime – one was mid-morning, and one was mid-afternoon.

Before take off, we had already received water, a pen, and a breath mint. By the time we landed two hours later we were completely sated and in no position to eat another meal for at least a couple of hours. A dramatic contrast to the ice-cold bun with plasticky cheese and oily, almost entirely taste-free pasta salad we recently experienced on a domestic flight here in Canada.

Do you have a memorable airline food experience? What is the best and worst airline food you’ve ever had? We’d love to know! Let us know in the comments section below. There might be a prize!