World’s weirdest museums: part 5

Do you love to visit museums when you’re away? What’s the weirdest museum you’ve ever been to? In this Travel Society series we will be talking about the weirdest, wackiest, funniest and amazing museums in the world.

Next on the list— The Parasite Museum in Meguro, Japan.parasite

Imagine a 2-storey museum entirely dedicated to parasites! The Parasite Museum in Japan is definitely not for the squeamish. Meet the world’s longest tapeworm, at 8.8 meters, defiparasite museumnitely the main attraction, along with host organs of different animals and humans for tropical bugs. This small museum opened in 1953 by Satoru Kamegai, a local doctor who was concerned by the increasing number of parasites he was encountering due to unsanitary postwar conditions. There are 300 different parasites displayed out of the full collection of 45,000 found by the doctor.

Museum funding is tight – so donations are greatly appreciated. At the end of your tour you can even purchase a plush parasite or parasite T-shirt in the gift shop!

What’s the weirdest museum you’ve ever been to? We’d love to know! Comment below.