World’s weirdest museums: Part 7

Do you love to visit museums when you’re away? What’s the weirdest museum you’ve ever been to? In this Bata_Shoe_MuseumTravel Society series we will be talking about the weirdest, wackiest, funniest and most amazing museums in the world.

Next on our list is one close to home: the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto.

The Bata Shoe Museum, right in Toronto’s core at Bloor and St. George St, is one of the city’s landmarks. The museum collects, researches, preserves and exhibits footwear from around the globe. They offer 4 different exhibitions at a time, three of which are time-limited, as well as lectures, performances and family events.

The Bata Shoe Museum is the only museum in North America solely (haha) dedicated to the history of footwear. The museum’s unique collection numbers over 12,500 artifacts and ranges from the earliest civilizations on earth to the catwalks of today’s leading designers.

The museum has three types of exhibitions: their main exhibitions (including one semi-permanent and three changing exhibitions in specifically designed galleries), snapshot exhibitions (on display for one to two weeks) and online exhibitions.

Interior_view_-_Bata_Shoe_Museum_-_DSC09994The current exhibitions are:

  1. Out of the Box: Rise of the Sneaker Culture
  2. Collected in the Field: Shoemaking Traditions From the World
  3. Beauty, Identity, Pride: Native North American Footwear
  4. All About Shoes: Footwear Through the Ages

The mission of the Bata Shoe Museum is to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the role of footwear in the social and cultural life of humanity. Through acquiring, conserving, researching, communicating and exhibiting material evidence related to the history of footwear and shoemaking, the Museum illustrates the living habits, the culture and the customs of people. Its international collection of over 12,500 artifacts spans 4,500 years of history.

So, the next time you’re in Toronto (or if you’re in Toronto and haven’t been yet), the Bata Shoe Museum is a MUST SEE.